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Music project “Maestro-in-the-Making”

New Music for Children from Contemporary Composers
Maestro in the making

One of MusicaNeo’s main missions is the support of the development of music education in different countries. In 2013, we came up with an idea: encourage kids to study classical music on works by contemporary composers.

It happened for a reason. It’s no secret that children learn faster when the educational process is based on fun and interaction. Teachers complain that many pieces by contemporary composers are too difficult for children’s understanding. Without receiving a good idea of new music in childhood, a human can’t perceive the ‘alien’ language of modern art later on in life. The aim thus was to substantially ‘refresh’ the educational base, enriching it with new music pieces by modern composers that are fun and interactive for the learning child.

We started a fund-raising campaign at IndieGoGo asking for support in this project, and many responded. Although the sum gathered was not enough to hold a massive music competition and create a printed edition of the book as originally planned, it helped us to lay an important foundation. A music contest among modern composers was organized and a call for music scores was announced. We are glad that composers accepted the challenge and managed to create a lot of new pieces in a relatively short time. Among the 102 applications received, our music experts carefully selected 12 that are published in a digital sheet music booklet “Maestro-in-the-Making”. We are pleased to share with you the result of this common venture.

Below is the FREE download link for the “Maestro-in-the-Making” booklet:

The digital sheet music booklet “Maestro-in-the-Making”

About the booklet:

A sheet music collection of 12 educational easy-level pieces for ensemble or solo instruments. Provided are biographical information about the composers and the pieces’ descriptions. The authors of the included scores granted a royalty-free, non-exclusive license to publicly or privately perform their works for educational purposes.

We will make sure that this edition is distributed among as many educational establishments as possible and will follow its mission. Please feel free to download it and spread among your colleagues, students and friends, too.

We would like to once again express our deepest gratitude to everyone who made his or her contribution in supporting, creating and preparing the booklet.

The list of compositions included for publication in the digital music booklet “Maestro-in-the-Making”:

  • 10 Little Duets for Teacher and Student for 2 Flutes (Jordan Grigg)
  • A Little Hedgehog is Off to a Party (Vladimir Malganov)
  • Camel of Mine - Travels with a Three-Legged Camel (John Gibson)
  • Exercises and Etudes in the Country Style, Op.15 No.3 (Alexander Khodakovsky)
  • Fly, Carpet, Fly (Robert Barr)
  • I Own A Rocking Horse (Seth Evans)
  • Red Boy (Kirill Voljanin)
  • Sha-la-la-Song (Dieter Angerer)
  • Suite for the Young (Malcolm Dedman)
  • The Farmyard (Sonja Grossner)
  • The Letter from Kansas for Piano Four Hands (Ariel Davydov)
  • Zita in Wonderland (Stephan Beneking)


A sincere Thank-you to those who made their contribution during the fund-raising campaign:

Philip Martin
Friedrich Kisters
Denis Donaire Junior
Christina Voss
Alexander Svyazin
David Solomons
Tor-Arne Riksheim
Kuchynski Yan
Elwyn Crawford
John Hawkins
Donald E Newsom
Lynne Compton
Joan Yakkey
Rolf R. Gehlhaar
John Gibson