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Kreuzlingen; June 04, 2013

MusicaNeo initiates a Crowd-funding Music Project – “Maestro-in-the-Making”

The music platform MusicaNeo is raising funds for an international music education project. The project consists of two stages: Stage 1 is the call for new educational material for kids’ music practice in an open online composers’ competition. In stage 2 the winning pieces – the most interesting and pedagogically engaging material – are compiled and turned into a book, which will be sent to music schools worldwide for free.

The crowd-funding campaign has already started at IndieGoGo. If the funding goal is reached by July 2nd, MusicaNeo will be able to organize a competition among contemporary composers challenging them to create new music pieces that help develop a child’s attentiveness, imagination and creative skills. Donations are made at

The most original and engaging music works will be awarded and included for publication in the special sheet music collection “Maestro-in-the-Making”. This music book will include up to 35 of the most interesting easy-level pieces. The book will then be distributed for free to the beginning musicians worldwide and enrich the music curriculum. MusicaNeo is now accepting requests for a free copy of “Maestro-in-the-Making” from music schools in different countries of the world.

Music education, as one of the most important cultural foundations, is an enormous task that should be supported and given the attention it truly deserves, even more so in times when severe budget cuts dramatically reduce the possibilities of schools to fulfill their educational mission. Crowd-funding can help substitute such shortfalls and guarantee the free supply of urgently needed material for schools and teachers.

“Maestro-in-the-Making” is about high-quality, modern educational material, considering the child in its contemporary living environment. It addresses the difficulty of arousing real and lasting interest – making practice an activity that is eagerly awaited and not perceived as a laborious nuisance in the child’s routine. “Maestro-in-the-Making” aims at raising awareness of the needs and abilities of children and their teachers and to activate and unite the international musicians’ community for the sake of the future generations’ interest, involvement in and - most of all - love for modern music.

Kreuzlingen; March 19, 2012

Heading Straight to the Top: MusicaNeo - Largest Online Sheet Music Resource.

The catalogue of the Swiss-based music-platform MusicaNeo comprises around 150'000 individual scores, making it the top online resource for sheet music from all genres.

The addition of popular and sought-after compositions from genres such as Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, R’n’B and even Disney film music, from Adele to ZZ Top, further strengthens the commercial position of MusicaNeo.

This reflects positively on the visibility, recognition and positioning of the big number of independent composers and arrangers, who publish their works and are continuously actively promoted and supported by the dedicated team at MusicaNeo.

The music-platform hosts the online-shops of now more than 500 individual uploaders, offering original material to a fast-growing audience of international clients.

The professional and personal exchange within the community creates a vibrant network, connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Onsite community service sections include blogs and news sections, music competitions, a job catalogue and the Contemporary Composers Index CCI, the prime international directory for composers.

All scores at MusicaNeo are virus-checked, carefully indexed, many with sound-samples, a description and preview. Payments are processed by PayPal or WebMoney. After completion of the purchase, the scores are available for print-out and immediate use.

Kreuzlingen; January 25, 2012

From Andante to Allegro: Load.CD is now MusicaNeo.

The music-platform for digital sheet music has changed its address: Now it can be reached at

Continuously operated by Load.CD GmbH Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, the website underwent a thorough redesign. In addition to the striking visual changes a new architecture was developed to improve the speed and quality of accessibility of the extensive range of 80 000 scores now offered by over 490 vendors and to facilitate further growth while improving usability and overall quality of service. The new catalogue structure shows the individual scores and arrangements of a work linked, search results can be filtered and selectively displayed. Important for the represented composers and arrangers: The site integrates various social networks – visitors can recommend, like, tweet and +1 their favoured content.

Due to the rebranding and the profound technological changes, Load.CD GmbH succeeded in developing a compelling "MusicaNeo", without compromising its business vision and concept. Everything revolves around music and the people who create it; the self-publishing and promotion and the active use of all possibilities the Internet offers.

During 2011, the team had spent a lot of time in close contact with active platform members, researching opinions and suggestions. One of the results: The website’s brand and name, the most immediate element for identification and customer retention, needed reconsideration. Now "MusicaNeo" communicates in a clear, concise way the primary focus of the website: music and its creators.

When was launched in 2003, the functionalities realized on the platform - the possibilities of up- and downloading files - and the burning of thus obtained data onto CDs were still a little exciting and futuristic for the everyday Internet users, so the development team opted for the name Load.CD.

Now, with talk everywhere about the demise of yet another medium, this time the “CD” – main indicators being the dwindling sales, redundant need as storage and new generations of “digital natives”, who hardly know that the shiny objects have more than a decorative value for a retro-party, the name "Load.CD" seems to slowly refer to a technical relic, but conceptually and technically, the project is anything but a relic - it is the present and future.

All addresses and links to are redirected to

Kreuzlingen; November 1, 2011

Massive growth at 75'000 individual scores available.

What began as a small niche marketplace on the Internet eight years ago, has gained a remarkable increase in popularity, with visitors, members and items offered and sold more than doubling over the last 12 months.

The music-platform hosts the online-shops of over 490 individual uploaders offering a huge range of sheet music to a steadily growing number of visitors. A great number of pieces is available for free download.

Most users appreciate the accuracy of the search, the speed and simplicity of the purchase process but also the personal support provided wherever needed and asked for. Many composers and arrangers offer their original material and invite interested performers to get in direct touch with them on-site, thus creating a vibrant exchange within the community.

Most scores are for Classical pieces, but here, too, the catalogue has developed much further and ranges now from Classical, Film & Musical, Jazz & Blues to Pop & Rock, Religious and World & Ethnic, divided into more than 90 subgenres. The contemporary section alone lists 4800 original pieces, not including the hundreds of modern arrangements.

Besides looking for composers or titles, visitors can use very specific filters, for example narrowing their search for instrumentation or epochs or browse sections such as “educational” material or sheet music offered together with performing rights, to name only a few.

All scores are virus-checked, carefully indexed, many with sound-samples, a description and a preview. Payments are safe via credit card, PayPal or WebMoney. After successful completion of the purchase, the scores can be downloaded and printed for immediate use.

Kreuzlingen; August 23, 2011

The music platform Load.CD is introducing a job catalogue.

From now on, all music professionals seeking for a job can publish their resumes and service offers. Employers can post job offers and their vacancies. The contact and application can be made directly via the ad. The database can be searched by type of employment, country, business or profession, styles and instruments. Both applications as well as offers can also be circulated via Twitter and Facebook.

This service is free and presents an interesting addition to the CCI, the world's largest index of contemporary composers, launched by Load.CD with already more than 14,000 entries.

Kreuzlingen, December 1st, 2010

Load.CD’s First Printed Edition

Load.CD, music platform and sheet music market place, now offers both printed and online versions of its first collection of compositions

The Load.CD Printed Edition 2010/11 has recently been published and is now available for order on the platform. The sheet music collection promotes new and interesting composers and wants to provide musical stimulus to interpreters and performers alike. Comprising over 120 pages and the works of ten contemporary composers, each of them members at Load.CD, the biographies and works descriptions are provided in English, German and Russian.

The selection of the included works is based on musical merit and uniqueness. Each score is accompanied by an introductory text and the composer`s biography. The collection comprises various instrumentations, including compositions for solo instruments, voice, chamber ensembles, wind and string orchestras.

Besides presenting the vision, aims and functions of the online platform, the volume is dedicated to the works of ten contemporary composers from different countries:
Denis Asimovich (Belarus) - Elegy
Boaz Avni (Israel) – Largo for Strings
James C. Burke (USA) - Albemarle
Michelle Diehl (USA) - Soliloquy
Dmitri Capyrin (Russia) – Music for Two
Frank Ezra Levy (Switzerland/USA) - Six Haiku for Our Time
Ernst Levy (Switzerland/USA) - Symphony No.11
Manfred Schwenkglenks (Germany) - Caprice
Arkadi Troitsky (Russia) – Sonatina Piccola
Hrachya Yessayan (Russia/Armenia) – The Christ Resurrection

One of the highlights are parts of the previously unpublished hand written sketch for the Symphony No. 11 of the renowned Swiss composer Ernst Levy (1895-1981). Thanks to the cooperation with the Basel University Library, Load.CD has digitized the original manuscripts of the composer’s invaluable oeuvre, all of which are now available at

The Load.CD Printed Edition is part of the ambitious project aimed at promoting contemporary classical music and is distributed to composers, performers and musical groups/organizations, including educational institutions and music schools, as well as music related businesses around the globe. Personal copies can be ordered directly at, or downloaded as a PDF version.

For available advertising space in one of the next volumes of the Printed Edition please contact

Kreuzlingen; August 11, 2010

The Sheet Music Catalogue at Comprises More Than 30'000 Titles for Direct Download

The online-shop of the music-platform Load.CD now offers more than 30’000 items, all sheet music is directly downloadable as PDF file. The main catalogue contains all titles that the members of the platform offer.

The constantly growing number of contemporary compositions, offered personally by the composers, makes up an important part of the catalogue.

The extensive archive of classical works contains numerous rarities, but also many pieces that are suitable for use as educational material.

The digitization project of Load.CD GmbH is a further important source for material, otherwise difficult to obtain: Load.CD digitally processes archives and collections of sheet music and makes them available worldwide on the Internet to musicians and other interested parties. As part of this project, the works of one of the most acclaimed Swiss composers of the first half of the 20th century, Ernst Levy, were digitized. Now, the manuscripts can not only be examined at the University Library Basel, but the digital copies can be downloaded, used and played.

Kreuzlingen; February 26, 2010

The Contemporary Composers Index CCI at is Online

The CCI (Contemporary Composers Index) is online.

Available via the music platform, the index contains already more than 10'000 composers from all around the world. The international content team of Load.CD has started collecting data in early 2009.

According to the concept of the index, the composers themselves can maintain and update the details. The information ranges from biographical data, work lists and information about individual works to musical influences.

Kreuzlingen; January 23, 2010

Music Platform Offers Digitization of Music Archives

Load.CD GmbH and its music platform expands its pre-financing programme, originally created for the support of contemporary composers, to institutions such as libraries and music archives.

Load.CD not only offers the technical processing of the digitization of sheet music manuscripts, but, for the first time, offers the pre-financing of the cost-intense process.

The reduction of investments in cultural institutions and the high costs of the digitization result in the fact that many archived works are not available for the public. The digitization secures the fragile and valuable original manuscripts while at the same time making the digital copies available for use, rescuing the compositions from oblivion.

Kreuzlingen; January 17, 2010

Complete Works of the American-Swiss Composer Ernst Levy: Finally Available for the International Public

The complete music works of the composer Ernst Levy (1881- 1968) will be accessible in digitized form for the first time on the music platform, as well as on the online catalogue of the University Library Basel, where the original manuscripts are archived.

This has been made possible by the Prefinancing-Programme, set up by Load.CD (see, Ernst Levys son Frank Ezra Levy has made use of, and the cooperation of the University Library Basel. The access to the original manuscripts was so far only possible directly at the library.

On October 19, 2009 the expert of music of the University Library Basel Christoph Ballmer and his team met the team of Load.CD GmbH to discuss the project in detail.

Herr Ballmer: „The offer of Load.CD to make the heritage of Ernst Levy, a treasure of music history, which is kept in our library, accessible in digital form to interested artists and amateurs has convinced us. We expect this will grant not only additional attention to the composer, but also safeguard the conservation of the original manuscripts.”

Frank Ezra Levy, a renowned composer himself: „I’m very happy that we found an opportunity with the Prefinancing-Programme of Load.CD to make the work of my father accessible for the international public. “

The processing of the more than 300 considerable pieces of Ernst Levy starts at the beginning of 2010.

About University Library Basel:
The public library of University Basel (UB) is a scientific information centre for the university and the region. At the same time it is the library of the canton and city Basel. It is part of the national and international information-network.

Kreuzlingen; October 29, 2009

New Version 4 of Sheet Music Marketplace

Today saw the go-live of the new version of the music platform In addition to improvements in architecture, the development of new functions and sections the design of the website was updated.

The user can enjoy an optimized search function with a number of additional criteria. Sections for special collections of classical music, music organizations and competitions were added as well as the “Spotlight” video.

Notwithstanding the varied content sections the focus was on a clean design and an easy menu.

Kreuzlingen; October 8, 2009

Alpha Phase of Contemporary Composers Index on

The first version of the Contemporary Composers Index CCI, the largest index of classical contemporary composers, has entered the testing phase.

Available via the music platform, the index contains already more than 10'000 composers from all around the world. The international content team of Load.CD has started collecting data in early 2009.

The release of beta version of this index is planned for February 2010.

Kreuzlingen; October 1, 2009 is Presented at the AGV Kreuzlingen Workshop

During the workshop of the “AGV Kreuzlingen und Umgebung (Employers Alliance) „“ (unlimited opportunities) new business ideas and creative internet solutions were discussed.

Mr. Friedrich Kisters (Human Bios GmbH) presented the new version of The participants took immediate interest in this unusual project. The presentation could create an awareness for the difficult economic situation composers of classical contemporary music have to face.

Mr. Fabian Kapfhamer, AGV Kreuzlingen said: “I'm enthusiastic about the idea and the technical realization to provide artists a platform like this“.

About AGV Kreuzlingen
The “Arbeitgeberverband Kreuzlingen und Umgebung” was etablished 91 years ago. Its 166 member companies employ together more than 5’400 people in the Kreuzlingen region. Aim of the alliance is to support and promote a responsible entrepreneurship. The AGV holds six to eight events a year (

Kreuzlingen; May 28, 2009 Cooperates Closely with Russian Music Artists

The international team of the music-platform was able to attract the highly renowned composers Dmitri Capyrin and Hrachya Yessayan as well as the heirs of the late Denis Asimovich as active members. Now, their works can be bought directly on

Intense activities in Kazakhstan, Russia, the Ukraine and Belarus could trigger some very promising projects, which will improve the global access to the oeuvre of contemporary music of these regions.

Kreuzlingen, August 3, 2008

Music Platform Introduces New Payment Management System

The sheet music marketplace has introduced modules of the FrontShield security system for the management of its online money transactions.

All processes are compliant to the Swiss banking authority standards. Transactions on are now real-time.

All users are provided with a personal online account, including pre-paid account, for fast and secure processing of transactions. Sellers can directly transfer their turnover to their bank account or transact through PayPal.

Kreuzlingen; December 1, 2007

Load.CD Develops an Alternative to the Current Practice of Performing Rights Management

Swiss-based Load.CD GmbH wants to extend its service to registered members, who sell and distribute their compositions on the platform, with the possibility to independently manage and sell their performance rights.

The ongoing legal investigations have shown the complexity of this endeavour, but the international team of experts aims to present a concept for Load.CD members in 2009.

Kreuzlingen; August 2, 2007

Load.CD Decides to Run Music Platform as Host Provider

Swiss Load.CD GmbH acts now as host provider to ensure the secure service of its music platform

Legal requirements for platform providers demand a strict separation between content owned by the provider and content owned by the user. In case of an unclear division the provider is held liable for infringements made by the user.

Registered users of are provided with their own personal page, on which they offer their uploaded works and publish additional content at their own discretion. Should an individual user infringe any rights, the continuing service of the website is nevertheless secured.

Kreuzlingen; November 1, 2006

November Sees Release of New Version of Sheet Music Website Online

Shortly before the end of the year the team of music experts and programmers of the Swiss Online-Sheet Music Shop presents the new version. This, now already third version boasts a new catalogue, an improved search engine, which allows multiple search parameters, and a flat-structured menu.

Kreuzlingen; June 1, 2006

Release of New Version of Sheet Music Website Online from June 1, 2006

The website is launching its second version this summer. The revised version 2 is characterized by a significantly faster uploading and downloading of sheet music in PDF file format. Overall, the usability and design of the site have been improved.

Kreuzlingen; December 1, 2003

A Breath of Fresh Air for the Classics: Swiss-based presents new sheet music internet-library with more than 1’000 titles

The website offers from 1 December onwards its collection of digital sheet music on the web. All titles can be downloaded to your home computer and printed for direct use. The time-consuming research in catalogues and dark dusty libraries for musicians will soon become history, as the project is aiming at rapid growth.

Kreuzlingen; June 8, 2003

Financial Security for Development of Website for the Self-Publishing of Works by Contemporary Composers

A Swiss investor is providing the financial basis for the further development of the website and the establishment of an alternative distribution channel for contemporary composers, selling their compositions via a global medium.

Not willing to stop at finding the technical solution for self-publishing, has developed into a serious project on how to improve the overall situation of composers and musicians of classical music worldwide, taking up a considerable amount of resources. With the much-needed financial backup this work can now proceed.

Kreuzlingen; March 15, 2003

Headline: New Internet-based Way of Selfpublication of Works of Contemporary Composers

For the first time, composers are now able to sell their works in an active, independent way without any contractual obligation to others.

Using the extraordinary possibilities of the worldwide web, on the website composers can present and sell the scores of their compositions on the internet to a growing global audience.

Thanks to the joint expertise and creativity of two Swiss musical experts, a group of programmers and web experts, the beta version of the newly established website is now available.

The website offers a newly created, user-friendly tool for the uploading of the files of scores in different formats to the online searchable catalogue. All scores can be bought directly from the catalogue for immediate download to the computer of the buyer, ready for printing – ready for playing!

About MusicaNeo, formerly Load.CD

Founded in 2003 and based in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland, Load.CD GmbH has established the online sales platform Created with the aim to reconnect music makers and buyers of classical music, provides performers and composers a market place for sheet music.

The company comprises an international team of music experts, content managers and programmers.

Members of MusicaNeo can use their own personal page for the promotion and direct-marketing of the sheet music they offer and the option to utilise an alternative system to license performing rights on their own account.

In addition to the maintenance, support and development of the music-platform, MusicaNeo digitised, in cooperation with the University Library of Basel, the works of one of the most interesting Swiss composers of the 20th century Ernst Levy and has made them available online for the first time ( Load.CD GmbH maintains the largest online index of contemporary composers Contemporary Composers Index