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Partitura de Lori Laitman

Lori Laitman

Lori Laitman

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Lori Laitman is an outstanding American composer, the author of several operas, numerous choral compositions and more than 250 songs based on contemporary and classical poets’ texts.

Lori grew up in a family of musicians, which partially pre-determined her path. She started admiring music and making up songs at a very early age. Next were magna cum laude graduation from Yale College and the MM at Yale School of Music. Lori got into art song writing almost accidentally but got hooked quickly. She has set to music the texts of many modern poets including those who passed away during the Holocaust. Today she is considered to be one of the most prolific composers in the US and worldwide. Lori’s music sounds in the most prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and has gathered an impressive amount of critical acclaim by now. Today, Lori Laitman continues composing vocal music and is working on the opera “Uncovered”.

The sheet music to the most popular of her art songs is available at Lori’s personal site at MusicaNeo.