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Most events in our lives are accompanied by music, one way or another. The religious sphere is no exception – it is hard to find a religion without a unique music culture of its own today. These two have been closely linked since the dawn of time and it is still not clear what appeared first, or whether both existed all along together. In religion, music is a special medium of communication with the human’s deity (-ies), it’s a way to access the untouchable, to reach for something that is far beyond our comprehension. In most religious traditions, ‘texts’ used to be sung rather than said/written: priests, shamans, monks and carriers of other religions often combined their teaching with singing, playing musical instruments and dancing. In some cases, music could bear an intercultural character and step out of the sacred limits. Thus, Christian music is not confined to traditional hymns, masses and Bach’s oratorios but may include Russian choral music and Greek chants. Gospel music, vice versa, left the church boundaries and can exist as a separate type of secular music performed for aesthetical pleasure and entertainment purposes. Our sheet music catalogue covers the genre of Religious music in the broadest sense – all music that was created with the purpose of religious use, e.g. in services, sacred rituals and ceremonies, in praising, as well as the cross-cultural compositions on the border of the sacred and the secular music. One can narrow the search by the specific categories like Gospel, Worship, Christian, Jewish and so on, in order to find the necessary music scores.

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titulo compositores   gênero
A Tribute of Carols Händel G.F., folklore, Wade J.F. Religioso: Cristão
A Vessel of Love Bischoff D. Religioso: Worship
A Voice Calling Out Dillon B. Religioso
A Whole Nation Franklin K. Religioso
A Winter's Song (from Winter's Grace) Martin J.M. Religioso: Cristão
A Winter's Tale (David Essex) Batt M. Religioso: Cristão
A Wonderful Time Up There (Everybody's Gonna Have a Wonderful Time Up There) Abernathy L.R. Religioso
A Wreath of Christmas Songs. Easy woodwind trios Mendelssohn-Bartholdy F., Tchaikovsky P., folklore, Gruber F.X., Calkin J.B. Religioso
A Yiddishe Momme Yellen J., Pollack L. Religioso
A Yiddishe Nigun folklore Religioso
A Yuletide Carol Blunsdon I. Religioso: Cristão
Abba (Father) Tjornhom T., Price O. Religioso
Abba, Father Wolf S. Religioso: Cristão
Abba Father, Hear Your Child Today Pixner W. Religioso: Worship
Abendliederzyklus: Abendfrieden, Op.220 Scholefield C.C. Religioso: Cristão
Abi Gezint (As Long as You're Healthy) Ellstein A. Religioso
Abi Gezunt (Zinovy Goro) Ellstein A. Religioso
Abide with Me Liddle S. Religioso
Abide with Me Monk W.H. Religioso: Cristão
Abide With Me Monk W.H., Colman J. Religioso: Cristão
Abide with me, Hymn for SATBrB choir and Organ, CS251 Cara S. Religioso
Abide With Me; 'Tis Eventide Millard H. Religioso: Cristão
Able to Save (The Salvation Army) Davis E. Religioso
Above the Northern Lights (Mannheim Steamroller) Davis C., Wilson E. Religioso: Cristão
Abraham's Nigun folklore Religioso

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