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Jazz/Swing Partituras


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251s in all 12 Keys Chord Progression Plane J. Jazz: Swing
A Dance By Moonlight Wyatt J. Jazz: Swing
A Flower is a Lovesome Thing Strayhorn B. Jazz: Swing
A Happy Day (elementary piano duet) Raspa N. Jazz: Swing
A Jazzy Mass for 4-part Children's or Women's Choir, Op.79 Theodossiou P. Jazz: Swing
A-OK (for two horn jazz combo) Grigg J. Jazz: Swing
Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens (Louis Jordan) Kramer A., Whitney J. Jazz: Swing
Ain't That a Kick in the Head Heusen J.V. Jazz: Swing
All Aboard the Science Train! Roberts M.J. Jazz: Swing
All The Things You Are Lesson Plane J. Jazz: Swing
Angels We Have Heard Can Swing folklore Jazz: Swing
Arth's Big-Band Presentation Orenburgsky A. Jazz: Swing
As Long as I'm Singing Darin B. Jazz: Swing
B Twelve (Jazz Combo) Grigg J. Jazz: Swing
Bavarian Blue'n'White Arnheiter V. Jazz: Swing
Beautiful Love - Walking Bass Line Plane J. Jazz: Swing
Berceuse a Christel Reinhardt D. Jazz: Swing
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home Cannon H. Jazz: Swing
Blubop Roberts M.J. Jazz: Swing
Blue S Stolz M. Jazz: Swing
Blue waves D'Andrea H. Jazz: Swing
Blues City for Double Bass Quartet Burndrett D. Jazz: Swing
Bluesy McFunface Roberts M.J. Jazz: Swing
Buon Natale. Swing. Santino Cara with percussions by Marcelo Torcato Cara S. Jazz: Swing
Can't Get Out of This Mood McHugh J. Jazz: Swing

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