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The Dolphins

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“The Dolphins” is a folk rock song written by the American singer and songwriter Frederick Neil. This laidback composition is part of Fred’s self-titled 1966 album that was later re-released under the new title “Everybody Talkin’”. “The Dolphins” is the 1st track on the album and Fred’s second most popular song. Musician himself was not too much into going on music tours but some of his songs brought popularity to the artists who covered them. This is what happened to “Everybody Talkin’” after American singer Harry Nilson performed it in the 1969 film “Midnight Cowboy”. As for the background history of “The Dolphins”, it was inspired by Fred Neil’s involvement in preserving these animals: he spent over 30 years assisting this movement.
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comments rather-be 22 jul 2014 12:18

all that serenity in it, love so much the feelings it brings me. Guitar melodies are amazing here, that would be a good theme to play on my own