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Two Doors Down (Mystery Jets)


Para vocais e piano (ou Guitarra)

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“Two Doors Down” is a song by Mystery Jets, an indie-rock music band from England. The songwriting is attributed to the band’s members Henry and Blaine Harrison, Kai Fish, William Rees and Kapil Trivedi. The song was released in 2008 as the band’s 2nd single from the “Twenty One” studio album. It became Mystery Jets’ second most popular music hit after “The Boy Who Ran Away” song recorded two years earlier. “Two Doors Down” is an indie rock/pop composition taking the listener back to the 80ies. However, due to the producing techniques, it has the contemporary flair and mood. Technically, it is a nostalgic and romantic love song.
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comments Phil Cabe 16 jul 2014 10:06

these guys are real time-travellers )) a phenomenal band, I wish I could attend one of their live concerts or at least try playing smth of the repertoire on the synth )