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The Ashokan Farewell (from the TV series 'The Civil War')

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“Ashokan Farewell” (‘Ashokan’ being the name of the natural reservoir in Ulster County) is a popular tune composed by the American folk music artist Jay Ungar. The work was created in 1982 and was used as a goodnight piece in the annual fiddle & dance camp run by Jay and his wife Molly. In 1984, American film maker Kenneth Burns heard the tune and decided to use it in two of his documentary films – “Huey Long” and the TV series “The Civil War”. In the latter, the music sounded over 25 times. Technically, “Ashokan Farewell” is a D Major waltz reminding a Scottish lament in style. The song is soaked with the feeling of longing for something that was lost. The most typical arrangement of the composition begins with a violin solo and guitar and upright bass/banjo catch on later. Despite being a modern piece, “Ashokan Farewell” was included into “Songs of the Civil War” compilation by Columbia just a year after its composition. It is the only tune in the album that does not date back to the war period but is written in such a way that a strong association with the Civil War is built.
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comments Gloria Herbertson 30 jan 2018 13:43

Never digging deeper into the story of the composition I was a firm believer that this famous piece indeed came from the Civil War time - it sounds so authentic and characteristic of the period, amazing! Thanks for the insight. I absolutely love playing old waltzes and the Ashokan Farewell is a great pleasure to perform, it's sweet and poignant at the same time.


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