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Grace of My Life (Brian Littrell)


Para vocais e piano (ou Guitarra)

Partitura para impressão, 1 cópia • 5 Páginas, ID: SM-000122889
Piano, Voz, Guitarra clássica
”Grace Of My Life” is a song by Brian Littrell , one of the five members of the popular American vocal band “Backstreet Boys”. The song was part of the first solo album by Brian that was released on Sony BMG and Reunion Records in 2006. “Grace of My Life”, like the rest of the tracks in the album, was created in the genre of Christian music with the elements of pop and rock. Littrell calls it ‘pop positive’ type of music. This debut album became musician’s shift in the image and music style, turning him into a distinctive musical character of his own.
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comments Catherine O'Donoghue 12 fev 2015 08:11

That's a very sweet song. I love its double nature, with this music one could express love to Jesus and to the beloved person.

comments Patricia Sanders 19 jun 2014 11:13

SO romantic and touching it makes my eyes wet … I always cry on weddings (cried at my own too)), I wish we had chosen this song for the ceremony (.. I think it suits perfectly on such an occasion!

comments Kathrin Heike 16 jun 2014 14:33

so nettes und romantisches Lied, einfach nur klasse! und was für eine melodische Stimme Brian hat. wohl eine ideale Hochzeitsmelodie.