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Clouds in my Dream for piano and electronics

Clássico/Eletro-acústica • 2012

partitura para piano

Título por Autor: Clouds in my Dream for piano and electronics

20.00 USD

PDF, 8.94 Mb ID: SM-000165707 data do carregamento: 08 jun 2012
Piano, Computer generated sound
Composição para
Tipo de composição
Partitura piano
Man-Ching Donald Yu
The music is inspired by a modern Chinese painting, Clouds in My Dream. The background music consists of electronic sound generated by the Granular Cloud Generator as well as impressionistic natural raining sound; the opening is characterized by mysterious dark tone colors. The music soon reaches its extreme registration along with the spiky electronic sounds, symbolizing the sharp, strong, and laser-like blue color lines emerge in the paining.
Generally speaking, the music characteristically displays the fusion of Chinese colors, pentatonic materials, and modern languages as well as more often involves drastic dynamic variations and changes within a short duration, directly symbolizing the vibrant lines and the strong gestures presented in the painting.
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