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8th song for guitar

Clássico/Instrumental • 1978 • Titulo arternativo: Distant Storm

8th song for guitar

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vendedor David W Solomons
PDF, 179.4 Kb ID: SM-000171414 data do carregamento: 26 set 2012
Guitarra clássica
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For a single performer
David W Solomons
Effective solo for guitar which can be used as a concert piece or as a study - particularly the use of higher notes on lower strings while higher strings are being used open.
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comments David W Solomons 29 jun 2015 13:37

A live performance would be great. Otherwise there is no point, since your electronic preview, albeit quite good, would not be mistaken for a live performance any more than mine would

comments David W Solomons 29 jun 2015 10:30

Yes but it's no more than a "half-way house" - it still doesn't sound real - I prefer to wait for a live performance, the electronic preview is sufficient until the live performance is made

comments Reli Suyskens 29 jun 2015 08:04

Nice music for sure, congratulations! I want to make a remark on the digital soundpresentation however: this is not so good and in fact it does no right to the good music as it is written. Already some few years i work classical guitarmusic out in Guitarpro software, wich, together with my knowledge and experience of it, can result in much better musical presentation of these kind of classical guitar scores. If you would be interested in how a classical guitar composition cán sound, digitally reproduced through Guitarpro, you may listen here: Please note that this quality of soundreproduction through Guitarpro software is much depending on WHO makes it. In all modesty i can say that most if not all such files, made by others than myself, sound bad. I just wanted you to let you know that better presentation is however possible, if you let me make it! With best regards, Reli Suyskens.

0:00 8th song for guitar