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A Breezy Morning for Oboe (or Flute) and Piano

Film / TV / Show/Instrumental • 2010

A Breezy Morning for Oboe (or Flute) and Piano

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vendedor Shao Ying Low
PDF, 243.4 Kb ID: SM-000172556 data do carregamento: 17 out 2012
Piano, Flauta, Oboé
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Score for two performers
Ré (D) maior
Shao Ying Low
"This piece was composed in 2010 and it gave me an image of a family of four having breakfast in their little white cottage while looking out into the garden. It was a beautiful and sunny morning, and the flowers were softly swaying in the cool breeze."

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comments Shao Ying Low 20 jul 2016 07:51

Thank you Tatyana! :-)

comments Tatyana Burcheva 13 jul 2016 12:30

Very nice!

comments Shao Ying Low 08 abr 2014 15:35

Thank you Dieter and Daniela! Thanks for listening! :-)

comments Daniela Mastrandrea 05 abr 2014 07:56

Beautiful! Very nice! :)

comments Dieter Angerer 12 ago 2013 14:04

A very very loveley piece. With such a music in the ear it´s fine to get up. Best wishes to you. Dieter

0:00 A Breezy Morning for Oboe (or Flute) and Piano