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Where I've Been

Jazz • 2013

Where I've Been

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vendedor Joseph Hasper
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Piano, Trombone, Trombeta, Guitarra elétrica, Baixo, Saxophone alto, Saxofone Tenor, Saxofone Barítono, Bateria, Saxofone soprano
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Banda Grande
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Joseph Hasper
Jazz Charts Online
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"Where I’ve Been" was begun in 2013 as a way of reconnecting with the music I used to love—the great big bands of Maynard Ferguson, Carla Bley, Thad Jones, Sam Rivers, and a dozen others. Composing this piece was a way of coming full circle--after 30 years--to where I musically began.

"Where I’ve Been" is scored for six saxes—soprano solo with a standard lineup of two altos, two tenors, and bari—but can also be played with a total of five saxes by omitting either the Bari Sax, Tenor 2, or Alto 2 part.

In a similar way, the rhythm parts are scored for piano and guitar, but may be played with only piano or only guitar as well.

Includes a full score and set of parts.
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