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Pavana alla venetiana - Lap or Gothic Harp


Pavana alla venetiana - Lap or Gothic Harp

Título por Autor: Pavana alla Venetiana - Lap or Gothic Harp

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vendedor Anjos Teixeira
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Anjos Teixeira
Anjos Teixeira
Joan Ambrosio Dalza (1508) was an Italian lutenist and composer.
Nothing is known about his life.
Dalza's music is, for the most part, comparatively to the trend of his times, simple and easy to perform.
The composer himself acknowledged the fact, and promised to publish more complex pieces at a later date.
It is currently unknown whether this has been realized.
Dalza's output is important because it consists almost entirely of original music.
Furthermore, Dalza's collection includes the earliest known pavanes, which are also the earliest known variations : all pavane alpa venetiana feature harmonic variations with a loosely defined tonic.
Dalza's pieces are arranged symmetrically by key: G, C, D (with F), C (with E), G. They range from 16 (number 1) to 42 bars (numbers 3 and 4); the material essentially consists of static chords alternating with short fast passages. I did here a transposition for the "little Lap Harp", to be played in the key of "F"
I hope you enjoy it
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