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Kwart voor drie (String Trio)

Clássico/Música de Câmara • 2005 • Titulo arternativo: Quarter to Three

Kwart voor drie (String Trio)

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vendedor Emiel Stöpler
ZIP, 623.6 Kb ID: SM-000195499 data do carregamento: 08 dez 2013
Violino, Viola, Violoncelo
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Emiel Stöpler
Kwart voor drie is an advanced concert piece for string trio of violin, viola and cello. Listen to samples of each movement here on MusicaNeo, or to the whole piece on my website on the media page:

(Scroll all the way down.)

The music has elements of minimal music, popular and jazz idioms and a little bit of modern classical harmonies. It consists of three traditional movements that are a fast opening movement, a slow middle movement and a fast final movement. The duration is almost 12 minutes.

Kwart voor drie translates to “Quarter to three” and is written for the Dutch strijktrio Sciolto (the Sciolto string trio). The title comes from the fact that at one time, the ensemble played under a different name as a string quartet, however when they asked me to write for them, they had become a trio. So I thought it would be fun to call the piece Quarter to three, a little variation on “Quartet for three”.

There is a Dutch poem that goes along with this piece, which is included at the end of the score.
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