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Duet No.3 'Rupavati' for horn and flute, Op.108

Clássico/Instrumental • 1998

Duet No.3 'Rupavati' for horn and flute

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vendedor Richard Burdick
PDF, 2.64 Mb ID: SM-000195964 data do carregamento: 15 dez 2013
Flauta, Trompa francesa
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Score for two performers, Partes
I Ching Music
This work written in November 1998 and revised in 2013 is in one continuous movement but in two parts.
This revised version is for good high school students or average college level.

The two parts are introduction which is seen as "Dark" and then presents the wonderful melody of the Rupavati. The Rupavati is one of the I Ching scales that also lines up with the scale from Northern India call Rupavati, which translate as "Ripe Beauty."
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comments Richard Burdick 17 dez 2013 15:40

You can watch the score and hear the demo here:

0:00 Duet No.3 'Rupavati' for horn and flute