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Broken Together (Casting Crowns)


Para vocais e piano (ou Guitarra)

Partitura para impressão• 6 Páginas, ID: SM-000200140
Piano, Voz, Guitarra clássica
“Broken Together” is a popular song by the American Christian Rock band known as Casting Crowns. It was written by the band’s lead vocalist, a youth pastor Mark Hall. The song was released in 2014 as part of the band’s 6th contemporary Christian album “Thrive” that peaked at the first position of Billboard’s Christian Albums later that year. The song is a slow piano ballad with a mix of Soft Rock, Bluegrass, Pop, Folk and Christian elements. In some publications, it was characterized as a “Coldplay pop” type of composition. “Broken Together” is about breaking the image of a perfect marriage fairy-tale, it speaks about the real-life problems that a couple may face after the beautiful honeymoon is over and the strengths (and God’ help) that are needed to acknowledge them. The song appeared on the Christian Songs, US Christ and Christian Airplay charts and got positive reviews from the critics. Other popular songs by Casting Crowns include “Praise You in the Storm”, “Slow Fade”, “Glorious Day”, “Just Be Held”, “Courageous” and others. The sheet music to all these compositions can be printed from MusicaNeo.
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comments Mike Simons 16 jan 2018 14:27

Another Christian song that is not purely Christian but is a great mixture of my favorite genres. I think that soft rock and contemporary Christian music go really well together! Also, "Brother Together" does remind me a song in the style of Coldplay band, I used to perform quite a few of their compositions as well, it's always soft and moving. Great piano on this piece, I just love it. Flows from under your fingers.