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I Ching Scales, Op.200

Clássico/Teoria • 2013

I Ching Scales

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vendedor Richard Burdick
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I Ching Music
This is the fifth and FINAL version of these scales. I no longer will be presenting any former versions of my I Ching Scales. This is it. For music theorist who may want to study my older works, the old versions of my scales will be in the archives . . . The first version of the scales did not have to tonic/dominant relationship of the fifth as an essential part of the structure, and the third set was fully microtonal.

This final set should be used as basically equal tempered but with the movable pitch center as marked on each scale. I believe strongly in the use of the 64 different tonics as a tool in awakening. We have been bombarded with most of the 12 tones on the piano with tuning at A = 440 for quite a while now, that is like we only use part of our brains or see a few colors. Hearing the other colors of tone will open up our beings to a greater range of thoughts and feelings. Don’t forget these tunings are all based on A = 432 hertz, not 440!

Along with the scales and pitch center in this book is the tempo, which vibrates in sympathetically with the central tone of the scale.

The corresponding color is show behind the I Ching hexagram.

It is my hope that these scales inspire many brainstorms.

Richard Burdick
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