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Five Orchestral Suites, BWV 1066/67/68/69/70

Clássico/Arranjo • Titulo arternativo: Orchestral Suites

Para piano solo

Título por Autor: J.S. Bach - Five Orchestral Suites - Piano solo, BWV 1066/67/68/69/70

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Santino Cara
Santino Cara
In this book, are inserted five orchestral suites by Johann Sebastian Bach, even if the fifth is of doubtful authorship to Bach but however reported in the catalog BWV.
They were transcribed for piano by Santino Cara in Rome, over the past five years. They are all included in a single book in PDF format for the download together with the five audio mp3.

Orchestral Suites:

Orchestral Suite no.1 in C major BWV 1066
Orchestral Suite no.2 in B minor BWV 1067
Orchestral suite no.3 in D major BWV 1068
Orchestral Suite no.4 in D major BWV 1069
Orchestral Suite no.5 (Ouverture) in G minor BWV 1070
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