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A Visit to a Festival (2011), for Brass Quintet

Clássico/Música de Câmara • 2011

A Visit to a Festival (2011), for Brass Quintet

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PDF, 1.10 Mb ID: SM-000234748 data do carregamento: 19 nov 2015
Trompa francesa, Trombone, Trombeta, Tuba
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Partitura completa, Partes
Ioannis Papaspyrou
Very difficult
“A Visit to a Festival” - Program Notes

Since I arrived to U.S., I enjoyed playing Greek music at several Greek Festivals. The first festival I played music at, the Atlanta festival of 2008, is still a sweet memory of mine; I was really pleased to be in a festive environment where many ethnicities mix together for the same reason: to have fun! Therefore, I considered that a brass quintet ensemble would possibly be the most appropriate ensemble to transmit this energy and enjoyment that I experienced at the Greek Festivals and gained so many good memories from them.
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