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Piano, Voz, Guitarra clássica
“Focus” is a pop song by the popular American R&B singer and actress Ariana Grande. Written by Grande herself together with Peter Svensson, Savan Kotecha, and Ilya, the song was released in 2015, receiving mixed reviews from the music critics. Some noted it was very similar to the singer previous hit “Problem”. “Focus” was meant to be the lead single on Ariana’s 3rd album “Dangerous Woman”, but became one only on its Japanese edition. The song went up the 7th position in the Billboard Hot 100 and became Ariana’s 6th single to get into the Top 10 in America. In 2016, “Focus” won Best Song To Dance To at Radio Disney Awards.
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comments Fred Volters 14 jun 2016 11:26

A solid arrangement, I like it. It does sound similar, very similar to the Problem (but for the chorus) but perhaps that's why I liked it. I do already perform Problem fluent enough so Focus has not presented any difficulties so far, I handled the first part in minutes. The bridge is really same in both of the songs. It's cool that the guitar chords are also present on the score, I could kill two birds with one stone