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Sanctus for SSAATB and Percussion

Clássico/Música de coral • 2009

Sanctus for SSAATB and Percussion

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vendedor Hans Bakker
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Triângulo, Címbalos, coro misto, Bombo
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Hans Bakker
This choral work is, in a way, music between heaven and earth, as I want to sing a hymn to the glory of the presence of the divine as it is inscribed in the book of nature. It is nr. 3c of the Cycle of choral works Prasasti. This is a Sanskrit word which means inscriptional panegyric in honor of a king. Panegyrics were popular in late classic Sanskrit literature, but we can already find examples of the religious-magical purpose of the genre in Rigveda, Mahabharata and Ramayana: "to say a thing in ritual is to bring it to pass by mystical indentification." (Ingalls, 1972, p.211) SANCTUS has been released on CD Seeking&Finding in 2012 on label Navona Records (NV5877)
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comments Hans Bakker 13 set 2016 17:18

Highly noteworthy: "SANCTUS for mixed choir and percussion" has scored more than 7,000 hits now through Somextro !! Where will it go? Listen for yourself:

0:00 Sanctus for SSAATB and Percussion