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Jet Black Heart / Start Again (5 Seconds of Summer)


Para vocais e piano (ou Guitarra)

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Piano, Voz, Guitarra clássica
“Jet Black Heart”, also titled “Start Again” is a pop-punk song by the famous Australian band “5 Seconds of Summer” (abbreviated as 5SOS). It was written by the band’s member Calum Hood together with David Hodges, Jon Green and Michael Clifford. The single was released in 2015 and became a single for the band’s 2nd album titled “Sounds Good Feels Good”. Charting in 6 countries, the song became popular among the band’s fans, mostly because it was partially made by them too. 5SOS made the “Jet Black Heart(Start Again)” video on the base of the personal stories that their fans shared on their site. Other popular hits by 5SOS include “She Looks So Perfect”, “Amnesia”, “Don’t Stop” and others, the sheet music to which is also available at MusicaNeo.
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comments Matt Anderson 22 jun 2016 10:01

I purchased 5SOS's songbook to learn the songs from their recent album but the score of Jet Black Heart turned out to have quite a lot of chord errors, so I had to look for the proper sheet music elsewhere. I love the version offered here, it's been worth every penny. The correct chords and the perfectly caught melody is what helped me to improve in minutes! Thanks for quality material, unfortunately it's a rare thing now(