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Leys-Krachtlijnen for flute solo

Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2003

Leys-Krachtlijnen for flute solo

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vendedor Hans Bakker
PDF, 386.9 Kb ID: SM-000250148 data do carregamento: 18 jun 2016
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Hans Bakker
Recorded for a new CD on the American Navona Records label. To be released later this year. The phenomenon of Leys or Ley Lines was the inspiration for a flute solo, in which all sorts of techniques are used, as it were, corresponding to the manifold patterns of Ley Lines in the landscape full of ancient sites and earthworks. . The short hymn-like melody, used in bars 26-30, is repeated four times throughout the piece. It also occurs in LEYS III for flute, violin and guitar. And in BRENNE for violin and piano solo.
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comments Hans Bakker 19 ago 2019 20:26

Leys-Krachtlijnen for flute solo is track No.1 on CD LINES TO INFINITY, released on the Navona Records Label (Jan. 2017). Also on Spotify, and so on. Additional Album Content (Study scores, texts, liner notes) available at:

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