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Gather Us In from 'Undelivered' for SATB chorus and piano

Clássico/Música de coral • 2016 • Lírico: George Matheson

Gather Us In from 'Undelivered' for SATB chorus and piano

Título por Autor: Gregory Sullivan Isaacs: Gather Us In from 'Undelivered' for SATB chorus and piano

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PDF, 397.5 Kb ID: SM-000252185 data do carregamento: 02 ago 2016
Piano, coro misto: Soprano, Contratenor/Alto, Tenor, Baixo
Composição para
Piano de Acompanhamento, Coral
Tipo de composição
Partitura piano-vocal
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Musik Fabrik
Gather Us In is an excerpt from “Undelivered”, a cantata written about the speech that John F. Kennedy never gaev in Dallas in November, 1963. In this piece for chorus and piano, Suzanne Calvin adapted this text from the Oxford Book of Prayer originally by G.D. Matheson (1842-1906). The work is suitable for both religious services and concert performances. Purchasing this file grants the right to print six copies.

Gather us in, Thou love that fillest all;

Gather our rival faiths within thy fold.

Rend each man’s temple-veil and bid it fall,

That we may know that Thou hast been of old;

Gather us in.

Gather us in: we worship only Thee;

In varied names we stretch a common hand;

In diverse forms a common soul we see;

In many ships we seek one spirit-land;

Gather us in.

Each one sees one colour of thy rainbow-light,

Each looks upon one tint and calls it heaven;

Thou art the fullness of our partial sight;

We are not perfect till we find the seven;

Gather us in.
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