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Madre del mio Gesù - SSAA

Clássico/Motete • 1776 • Lírico: Unknown (works before 1850) • Titulo arternativo: Mother of my Jesus - SSAA Luigi Cherubini

Madre del mio Gesù - SSAA

Título por Autor: Madre del mio Gesù - SSAA Luigi Cherubini

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vendedor Joan Yakkey
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Teclado, Coro feminino: Soprano, Contratenor/Alto; Coro infantil: Soprano, Contratenor/Alto
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Piano de Acompanhamento, Coral
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Partitura piano-vocal
Sol (G) menor
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Joan Yakkey
This is an unknown motet written by the Italian composer Luigi Cherubini. It can be performed on a concert program by a Women's chorus or during Easter week at a Church service. The text is in Italian and was discovered in the Archives of the Florence Conservatorio music library by a researcher, Mario Fabbri, many years ago. I signaled the piece as written in G minor but the key signature is one flat, and should be considered Modal.

This is the text:
Madre del mio Gesù
ah qual dolore
trasfisse il tuo bel cuore
quando sul monte atroce
mirasti il figlio tuo
morire in croce.

Mother of my Jesus,
oh what pain
penetrated your loving heart
when on the atrocious hill
you watched your son
die on the cross.
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