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Great & Small for horn, bassoon & harpsichord, Op.104

Clássico/Música de Câmara • 1997

Great & Small for horn, bassoon & harpsichord

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vendedor Richard Burdick
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Cravo, Fagote, Trompa francesa
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I Ching Music
Very difficult
This work is in four movements, and is in typical symphony form. It's at least 15 minutes in length.

I. A little allegro
II. Like slow
III. Great Note
IV. Vivace

It is an amazing work that would take a lot of work to learn and perform well. It is a unique work, it is sort of a transitionary work from my I Ching "Indian" harmonic rhythm period of mainly opus 95 to more of a "standard" chamber music concert piece.

A successful performance would require a lot of rhythmic precision, and in general hard work plus he musicality of advanced performers.

Premiered in Davis, California March 27, 1997 with performances at Sun City Roseville & Sacramento.
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0:00 Great & Small for horn, bassoon & harpsichord