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Anakrasis for piano solo, Op.6

Clássico/Contemporâneo • 1999

Anakrasis for piano solo

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Panagiotis Theodossiou
“Anakrasis”, for piano solo (1999). Written for the final concert of the seminar “Piano Music of 20th Century” by pianist Efi Agrafioti the work is dedicated to her. It follows the intervallic symmetry of “Paraklisis” (1991) but in a more free way and with the use of traditionally tonic elements. Here the composer taking advantage of the particular sonority of different regions of the instrument, attempts to « describe » the “anakrasis” the transubstantiation of the consecrated bread and wine to body and blood of Jesus Christ in the ritual of the Holly Mass. The performance took place the same year by the composer in the final concert of the seminar at “Athens Cultural Centre”, recorded as well by the “Hellenic Radio Television” and came up on a CD production by “MOTIVO” under the title “Piano Works by Greek Composers”.
It has also been performed by Valeria Athanasiadou At “Athenaeum” Concert Hall”, Athens in 2002 and by Eleni Papaspyrou in "Lillian Voudouri" Library Hall, Athens Concert Hall in 2015.
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