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Drie Liederen voor hoge stem en piano

Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2004 • Lírico: Alban Kimbel Bouwman

Drie Liederen voor hoge stem en piano

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vendedor Hans Bakker
PDF, 1.01 Mb ID: SM-000284879 data do carregamento: 04 abr 2017
Piano, Voz
Composição para
Solo, Piano de Acompanhamento
Tipo de composição
Partitura piano-vocal
Hans Bakker
These three Dutch songs for voice (C 'g') and piano are written on lyrics by A.K. Bouwman (Born 1964; See for his comment below*). The second song "Autumn" is a translation of a poem by Shelley. It's very poetic and shows us in the piano accompaniment the raindrops and death bells. (Put on music already in April 1903 for baritone and piano by the English composer Frank Bridge). Especially in the first song "Can I take you" is the parallel with the ongoing vocal melody in the piano. In the Richard Strauss-like third song is a children's song intertwined. Difficulty of No 1 & 2 is advanced. No 1 is difficult for the piano.
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comments Alban Kimbel Bouwman 18 abr 2017 09:45

- Kan ik je treffen - na een eenmalige ontmoeting aan de rand van een zeearm is al wat rest weemoed en verlangen (naar een waar gebeurd verhaal uit begin jaren negentig van de vorige eeuw) - Herfst - vrije vertaling van Percy Bysshe Shelley's gedicht 'Autumn: A dirge' (postuum uitgebracht 1824, in april 1903 op muziek gezet voor bariton en piano door de Engelse componist Frank Bridge) - Hoera! De zon is spin - de uitgesproken, vreugdevolle taal en ongekunstelde, authentieke expressie van een kindertekening ------------------ - Can I find you - after a single encounter at the edge of an estuary is all that remains melancholy and longing (a true story from the early nineties) - Autumn - free translation of Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem 'Autumn: A dirge' (released posthumously in 1824, put on music in April 1903 for baritone and piano by the English composer Frank Bridge) - Hurray! Sun is spider - a distinct, joyful language and ingenuous, authentic expression of a child's drawing