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Baroque Duet for Two Bass Guitars


Baroque Duet for Two Bass Guitars

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vendedor James Strange
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Score for two performers, Partes
James Strange
Penny Music Co.
The Baroque composer G.F. Handel (1810-49) was born the same year as his contemporary J.S. Bach. He is well known for a multitude of works including operas, oratorios (such as Messiah) and the coronation anthem Zadok the Priest. The Baroque Duets consist of a medley of a melodic Aire and two dances which were popular of the era.

The Aire is an instrumental variant of the aria which would traditionally be vocally performed as part of an opera, oratorio, or cantata. By the 18th Century, composers including Handel were writing melodic airs purely for instrumental ensembles. The minuet is usually in moderate triple (¾, 6/8) time and written in binary form (A-B), with the second section often offering contrast by means of different orchestration and/or change of key. The gavot (also gavotte or gavote) is a moderate to fast French court dance played in duple time, often with a half measure pick up. It is typically of binary form with the melody played in four bar phrases.

These spritely duets are both an exercise in accurate hand placement across the neck, and an exercise in careful aural skills when playing with other musicians.
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