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Rondeau in G


Rondeau in G

Título por Autor: Brass Band - John Bull - Rondeau in G

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vendedor Mike Lyons
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Barítono, Corneta, Eufónio, Trompa francesa, Trombone, Fliscorne, Soprano Cornet
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Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons
This is a transcription of a Rondeau in G by the renowned Dr John Bull the 16th Century composer, organ maker and keyboard player - not to be confused with the famous fictional John Bull character created by John Arbuthnott as a characterisation of England and Englishness in the 18th Century.

This Rondeau is typical of the dance type of the period, though it has some characteristics of the Jig, being in 6/8 and with running quaver patterns, however it has the form of a round dance (a kind of country peasant dance, often appropriated by the courts because it was fun) from the period with regular phrases and turnaround points for the circle dance to change direction.

This would make a great contribution to a summer concert programme or a concert to do with dance music.
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0:00 Brass Band - John Bull - Rondeau in G