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Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

Clássico/Arranjo • 2002

Es ist ein Ros entsprungen

Título por Autor: Brass Band and choir - Es Ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen

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vendedor Mike Lyons
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Trombone baixo, Barítono, Corneta, Eufónio, Trompa francesa, Trombone, Glockenspiel, Timbales, Soprano, coro misto, Fliscorne, Soprano Cornet, Percussão
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Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons
This is an original setting for full brass band, SATB choir and soprano soloist of the well-known Christmas hymn. It is a rhapsodic treatment that explores the meaning of the text.

The opening shows the cold winter landscape and the sudden warming as "The Rose" pushes its way through the snow. The rose is a climbing one and its tendrils wind around each other to support the flower which finally opens fully when the solo soprano enters with the German words.

A developmental section follows, with statements of the original material interspersed with statements of the chorale melody. The music is generally uneasy, with the percussion reminding us of the slaughter of the innocents and events to come, however, the joy of the new birth triumphs with an ’angelic host’ singing the English words "A Great And Mighty Wonder".
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