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Goggles (1999-2001) for saxophone and piano

Clássico/Peça • 2001

Goggles (1999-2001) for saxophone and piano

Título por Autor: Carson Cooman: Goggles (1999-2001) for saxophone and piano

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vendedor Musik Fabrik
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Piano, Saxophone alto
Composição para
Solo, Piano de Acompanhamento
Tipo de composição
Score for two performers, Parte de solo
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Musik Fabrik
Goggles (1999-2001) for saxophone and piano is dedicated to saxophonist Yoshiro Fujita. It
is a short "concert romp" -- with piano and saxophone locked in a pounding drive forwards
The material is based on the saxophone's opening melodic gesture, presented (after the
introduction), over a pounding ostinato in the piano which runs throughout the piece. Sudden
changes of dynamics and material occur throughout until finally a sudden change of tonality
occurs at the very end of the work.
PERFORMANCE NOTES: This piece is ideally suited as an encore piece after a recital
program. If this is the case, it is suggested that, if possible, the saxophonist and pianist put on
pairs of goggles (swimming or aviation-style are best) from out of their pockets before
playing the work. (It is also possible to do this even if the work is not played as an encore.)
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