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March - O.H.B. – Brass Band

Clássico/Marcha • 2003

March - O.H.B. – Brass Band

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vendedor Mike Lyons
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Trombone baixo, Barítono, Corneta, Eufónio, Trompa francesa, Trombone, Timbales, Fliscorne, Percussão
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Mike Lyons
I wrote this march and dedicated it to my current band, Old Hall Brass, when I was first playing with them in 2003. Now that I'm back with them after a 9 year hiatus, I felt it only appropriate to publish it here.

The opening 10 bars are a bit of a muck-around and are entirely optional. OHB's current conductor, John North, likes to entertain, so it's basically a tuning up section, like you would find in an orchestral concert but with some laughs thrown in!

The march starts for real at the Segno. There's a fanfare-like opening which leads into the first main melody for the euphonium and solo horn. This is repeated with extra fanfare interjections from the trombones. The bass solo is a fairly traditional part of a march and this is no exception, except that it is not repeated. Another fanfare-like section leads into a reprise of the euphonium/horn melody with interjections from trombones and cornets. The final section is similar to the opening fanfare before the DS. Repeats should not be played on the DS.
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