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March of the Midshipmen – Brass Band

Clássico/Marcha • 2015

March of the Midshipmen – Brass Band

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vendedor Mike Lyons
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Trombone baixo, Trombone tenor, Barítono, Corneta Alto, Corneta, Eufónio, Trombone, Tuba, Chifre do Tenor, Bateria, Fliscorne, Bass Tuba, Soprano Cornet, Contrabass Tuba
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Mike Lyons
This is an original march in the classic style. The 6/8 opening section is meant to sound lugubrious and bring to mind the galleons of old as they breached the waves in stately fashion. The soprano cornet should be clear and sweet in imitation of the piping of nautical whistles. The basses provide the sound of the drum used to keep the oarsmen pulling together.
The bass solo represents the seamen singing and chanting as they work.
At the trio, the time changes to 2/4 and the style is much lighter. Here, the smaller lighter sailors are climbing up to the crow's nest and working in the rigging. The final section references the well-known "Sailor's Hornpipe" before the DC al Fine.

All of the parts are demanding. This is not an easy piece. Suitable for 2nd section bands and up.
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