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Kayser Variations for piano, Op.63

Clássico/Peça • 1997

Kayser Variations for piano

Título por Autor: Carson Cooman: Kayser Variations for piano, Op.63

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This work, Kayser Variations, was written as a tribute to Margaret Kayser, long-time chemistry teacher (for 16 years) at Allendale Columbia School in Rochester, New York on the event of her retirement from teaching.

This work takes a "variations on a theme" form but uses the concept of placing the "chorale" theme itself in the middle of the work (instead of its customary place at the beginning), surrounded on both sides by variations. The theme is "God Save the King/Queen", the national anthem of the United Kingdom.

The pitch material of the variation accompaniment is derived, at some points, from subscripts and coefficients from chemical formulae and balanced chemical equations.

Each of the variations also "pokes fun" at a different element, style, or method of 20th century music competition. So this work is also a parody of sorts.

This work should be performed with a slight break (almost a breath) between each variation. Dynamic markings are provided as a guide but performers should use their own judgment. Pedal should be used by the performer where appropriate. This work should always be performed in its entirety. The variations should never be played on their own.
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