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Unmeasured Preludes for harpsichord, Op.697

Clássico/Peça • 2006

Unmeasured Preludes for harpsichord

Título por Autor: Carson Cooman: Unmeasured Preludes for harpsichord, Op.697

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vendedor Musik Fabrik
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For a single performer
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Musik Fabrik
I. (Fantastico molto)
II. (Lento expressivo)
III. (Presto-flessibile)

Unmeasured Preludes (2006) were written for and are dedicated to harpsichordist Jeffrey Grossman.

These preludes take their musical imspiration from the unmeasured preludes of the French 17th century "claviciniste" tradition, particularly those of Louis Couperin (C. 1626-1661), who is credited with having invented the genre. Though all ptiches are precisely specified, many aspects of coordination, duration and phrasing are left entirely to the performer.

The first prelude is vibrant, with fast runs, tremelandi and excited figurations. The seonc is slow, expressive and spare in texture. The third prelude feastures constrant roulades of notes in the right hand, while the left hand builds up harmonies slowly. A brief slow section explores the same material in a more expressive form before returning to the flurry of the opening music again.
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