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Little Poppet mute music for solo trumpet, Op.812

Clássico/Peça • 2009 • Titulo arternativo: Mute Music

Little Poppet mute music for solo trumpet

Título por Autor: Carson Cooman: Little Poppet mute music for solo trumpet, Op.812

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Little Poppet (2009) mute music for solo trumpet was written for Colby Cooman.

It is a brief piece that inflects a single musical line with the sound of the various trumpet mutes. The musical discourse moves between scherzando gestures and searchingly lyrical ones.

The “physical display” of the mute changes may call to mind a marionette on strings.

The work requires the following mutes:

Straight mute
Harmon mute
Cup mute (cup half closed)
Practice mute (e.g., “Whispa” mute)

It is suggested that the mutes be laid out on either a table/music stand in front of the performer, within very easy reach.
The inherent physicality and visual display of the mute changes is an integral part of the piece—no attempt should be made to avoid this. However, the notated rhythm should be observed as closely as possible. Long pauses should not be added.

Though the work is inherently “mildly humorous” in the visual effect caused by the trumpeter using and changing many mutes, it is important that the piece not become a ridiculous slapstick farce.
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