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String Quartet No.1 'Et expecto' in memoriam Gyorgi Ligeti, Op.35

Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2006

String Quartet No.1 'Et expecto' in memoriam Gyorgi Ligeti

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Violino, Viola, Violoncelo
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Panagiotis Theodossiou
“String Quartet” in memoriam Gyorgi Ligeti (2006)
The work is written in the memory of G. Ligeti. It goes from strict atonal to tonal and almost neoclassical idiom, from inner intense expression to parody and grotesque humour. Elements so characteristic in the musical language of the honored composer.
The 5 parts are: 1. Introduction: "Strange Visitors" (Lento misterioso), 2. Scherzo I: Interrupted cha-cha : "Faith's Dance" (Andantino scherzando), 3.Intermezzo: "Et expecto..."(Larghetto semplice), 4. Scherzo II: "Devil's Dance" (Allegro giocoso), 5. Finale: "Flames" (Feroce)
There is also a programmatic scenario behind the five mouvements of the work: Strange visitors appear threatening or cheating. And suddenly Faith start to dance an interrupted cha –cha. Expectation stands in the center of the work and in the soul of our hero. Devil’s dance leads to the final test. Flames. Flames of purification or flames of hell?
It has been performed by the ensemble “ALEA III” under Theodor Antoniou at “Tsai Performance Centre”, Boston University in 2007. Parts of the work have been performed by "Athens Bridge Quartet" at Faculty Lounge, Deree College under the project "Composing the String Quartet" of Deree Arts Festival in 2013.
"Athens Bridge Quartet" recorded it ion CD (MOTIVO BQ1070) among Greek Composers Works in 2017.
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