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Accidental Advances

Jazz/Latin • 2018

Accidental Advances

ler a lisença
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PDF, 340.6 Kb ID: SM-000343695 data do carregamento: 28 out 2018
Free choice: Instrument in C, Instrument in B Flat, Bass Clef Instrument, Instrument in E Flat
Composição para
Quarteto, Quinteto
Tipo de composição
Partitura completa, Partes
A fun and uplifting Latin piece with a bebop-style melody (not as tricky as it looks!). The chord changes offer plenty of harmonic variety without straying too far from the tonal centre, which should provide a good challenge to newer improvisers and plenty of opportunities for experienced improvisers.

The song changes key towards the end, so rhythm section players need to be aware of the turnaround at the end of the song to bring it back to the starting key.

Hope you enjoy it!
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