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Jack and his Fortune

Clássico/Música de coral • 2019

Jack and his Fortune

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vendedor James Knox
PDF, 14.78 Mb ID: SM-000354025 data do carregamento: 25 abr 2019
Piano, coro misto, Percussão
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Jack and his Fortune is a major choral worked based on Flora Annie Steel's version of How Jack went out to seek his fortune. The original Irish folktale, Jack and his Comrades dates back to 1866. Throughout many years this story has taken on other similar stories like the well known Town Musicians of Bremen by Brothers Grimm.
Each movement (six total) takes you on a grand journey of a boy named Jack who is seeking fortune. Not long after, several traveling companions (cat, dog, goat, bull and rooster) follow him in hopes of finding fortune as well.

Traveling all day, the darkness began to settle for the night and they are in need of a place to stay. Finding a house, Jack discovers robbers counting their stolen gold. He comes up with a plan and scares the robbers away. Jack was smart and he knew that one of the robbers would be back in the middle of the night to take back the gold. He places each animal in different areas of the house to scare the robber away. What happens next is a frenzy of mishaps that eventually scare the robber away for good!

MP3 file of the first movement, Jack, is available for listening
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