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A Selection of Hebrew Songs for Choir, Op.14

Religioso/Judaico • 2000 • Lírico: Henry Pool, Jewish Prayer Book

A Selection of Hebrew Songs for Choir


autor Henry Pool
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Piano, coro misto
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Piano de Acompanhamento, Coral
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Henry Pool
This opus is a compilation of several vocal works.
a. Nine Songs for choir a cappella from two to six voices, most of them for the Sabbath service on Friday night in the synagogue or at home.
b. Four Sabbath hymns for a solo voice or a choir singing unison (like a family at the Sabbath table). And during the week an instrument (piano or any keyboard) may naturely accompany the singers.
c. Three supplications for a solo voice (cantor) and a choir (congregation) singing unison. The solo voice sings the first part of each stanza and the choir answers with the second part of it.
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