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Eighth Sonata for Piano 'My Three Fatherlands', Op.19 No.2

Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2005

Eighth Sonata for Piano 'My Three Fatherlands'


autor Henry Pool
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For a single performer
Lá (A) bemol maior
Henry Pool
The subtitle of this Sonata is "My Three Fatherlands". The composer has lived about a third of his life in the Netherlands, another third in Israel and the last third in the United States of America.The Eighth Sonata is a monumental work depicting these fatherlands. Every movement is preceded by an introduction explaining both the musical and the historical side of it.
The first movement depicts the Netherlands before the Second World War, during that war and after it.
The second movement is dedicated to Israel from the Ghetto of Warsaw to today's Israel with its terrorists problem.
The third movement tells the story of America from the American Revolution, through the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement till the destruction of the Twin Towers by terrorists and the devastation of New Orleans by hurricane Katrina.
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