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Ich habe den Menschen gesehen für SATB

Clássico/Música de coral • 2019 • Lírico: Christian Morgenstern • Titulo arternativo: Ich habe den Menschen gesehen for SATB & rehearsal piano

Ich habe den Menschen gesehen für SATB

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vendedor Hans Bakker
PDF, 325.9 Kb ID: SM-000365731 data do carregamento: 11 jun 2019
coro misto: Soprano, Contratenor/Alto, Tenor, Baixo
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Hans Bakker
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comments Hans Bakker 22 dez 2020 17:15

Have a listen on CD VOICES of Earth and Air, Vol.3, track 11:

comments Hans Bakker 08 set 2020 11:43 For an impression: press Listen button. For the texts: press "Notes" at the top. Release Date: October 9, 2020 Catalog #: NV6299 Format: Physical & Digital

comments Hans Bakker 12 jun 2019 15:11

I was struck by the profundity of this text by Chr. Morgenstern. Various musical techniques were used. The piece was finished exactly on Pentecost 2019. Here is the original text: "Ich habe den Menschen gesehen in seiner tiefsten Gestalt, / ich kenne die Welt bis auf den Grundgehalt. / Ich weiss, dass Liebe, Liebe ihr tiefster Sinn / und dass ich da um immer mehr zu lieben, bin. / Ich breite die Arme aus, wie Er getan, / ich möchte die ganze Welt, wie Er, umfahn." In English: 'I know the human being in its deepest form / I know the world down to the basics / I know that love, love is their deepest meaning / and that I am there to love more and more / I extend my arms as He did, / I would like to embrace the whole world like He did.'

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