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Fantastic Episodes for Cello & Piano, S0.380429

Clássico/Música de Câmara • 2018 • Titulo arternativo: Fantastic Episodes

Fantastic Episodes for Cello & Piano

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vendedor James Guthrie
PDF, 3.82 Mb ID: SM-000368312 data do carregamento: 19 jul 2019
Piano, Violoncelo
Composição para
Solo, Piano de Acompanhamento
Tipo de composição
Score for two performers, Partes
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James Guthrie
Eight Fantastic Episodes for Cello & Piano. Score: 27 pages, 449 measures. Cello part: 8 pages, Piano part: 18 pages. Duration: 10:44. In eight movements:

1. Reflections of The Mildly Tarnished Throne of Sar Jankey the Besmirker, Bringer of Mirth and Snile from the Blue Caves of Sed-Nosker.

2. Tambonian Summer Hose Dance Games at Lake Stengiva on the Tiny Planet Fligdipp

3. The Quest of Von Zipper: Flame-Flash Seeker, Seventh Knight of the Nine-Sided Table of the Klandian Digma

4. Haunting Memories of Long Shadows across the Jagged Cliffs of Darkbrighton Range

5. Beings of Light in the Dark Forest of Arvadoon

6. The Third Goat Song of the Thivian Glade Folk Collection of New Pandeen

7. Remember The Flivening of the Underwater City of Stableen on the Sar-Plandovian Ocean Floor

8. Flight of the Spervian Aktari from the Dark Jungle of Pandoo to the Holy Isle of the Trencherene - Near the Kingdom of Flippo the Swift
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