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In This Short Life — for soprano and piano (priced for 2 copies)

Clássico/Canção • 2011 • Lírico: Emily Dickinson

In This Short Life — for soprano and piano (priced for 2 copies)

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vendedor Lori Laitman
PDF, 18.99 Mb ID: SM-000373119 data do carregamento: 09 out 2019
Piano, Soprano
Composição para
Solo, Piano de Acompanhamento
Tipo de composição
Partitura piano-vocal
Enchanted Knickers Music
Each song in this cycle was a birthday present: the first song was for my mom’s 90th birthday, the second for her 92nd, and the third for my dad’s 95th birthday. I knew that my parents were entering the last stages of their lives — so, in tribute, I searched for poems that reflected on the nature of life, settling on these poems by Emily Dickinson. Her unique expressiveness never fails to amaze me, and I let the words guide me in crafting an appropriate musical structure. My mother died in 2014, just a month shy of her 96th birthday. My father died in 2015, a few months short of his 100th birthday.

You can hear a recording of this cycle online, by searching for "experience" on the Albany label, with soprano Natalie Mann and pianist Jeffrey Panko.
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