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Sonata Baltica for 2 bassoons (cellos)

Clássico/Instrumental • 2019 • Titulo arternativo: Sonata Baltica in 4 movements for 2 bassoons or cellos

Sonata Baltica for 2 bassoons (cellos)

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vendedor Žilvinas Smalys
PDF, 1.19 Mb ID: SM-000374233 data do carregamento: 02 nov 2019
Fagote, Violoncelo
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Score for two performers, Partes
Žilvinas Smalys
Sonata Baltica

4-movement piece inspired by Baltic folk music

I. Mourning
II. Struggle
III. Hope
IV. Liberation

Baltic folk music has a very ancient touch. In fact, some of its traits have direct connection with proto-Indo-European roots, and pre-Christian beliefs.. Therefore it was an interesting experiment to combine Baltic folk elements in a short piece for two bassoons. These elements can be easily traced in certain melodic passages, syncopated rhythm, parallel seconds and extensive use of dorian, eolic, lydian and phrygian modes

The piece does not have any program notes. Movement names reflect a long and turbulent history of Baltic people but are not related to any particular event or political agenda. Hope you enjoy this piece
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0:00 Sonata Baltica for 2 bassoons (cellos)