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A Christmas Elf

Pop/Ballad • Lírico: Monica Bergo

A Christmas Elf

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vendedor Monica Bergo
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Monica Bergo
Music and song for Christmas, composed by me


Every year is always the same
With the arrival of Christmas
I do not feel very well
The sadness comes over me
But this year 'I am safe
Can control it
With the help of a story
Now I'm going to tell

In the realm of Santa Claus
There's an elf a little 'special
A who do not care
The joy of the people
Of toys and gifts
He does not want to build
and the celebration of Christmas for him is only to be abolished

"Come here,
tell another story "

A character unsympathetic
Unbridled and arrogant
What comes to mind
For sure he will do

To spoil the atmosphere
The magic of that night
He put Commitment
You say you will succeed?
Will wish to everyone a merry Christmas
With the hope that everything will go wrong

marzipan puts salt
dolc to throw
gingerbread and sweets
with purgative he stuff

A bit 'of ether and reindeer sleep
While jumping and sends his greetings for the New Year

How many Christmas have passed
Many memories faded
Time passes and will not report
The childhood that I have not lived
A day like any other then
The outside world was celebrating
But that did not change my gray
Santa Claus was not
My dreams he do not come true
And my letter never he read

But back in the present
And to my elf arrogant
I know what you think of him
you would like to remove
From my Christmas book
Because it goes against the tide
Just like my mind
That I can not harness

But what is good and what is bad
It is hard to understand
because now this is a Christmas deal commercial
only for objects to buy
Elf wants us to understand
Christmas is all year
if we live in love

packages and sparkling gift packs
the glittering display cases
bows and ribbons flashy
the elf will burn
will wish to everyone a Merry Christmas
and while biscuits will add the gall
Santa Claus certainly it will fire ....

"Come here that Monica
He tells us how this story will end "

You Think not that bad
My elf reflecting
The neurosis that comes over me
Upon arrival of the Christmas
He has nothing to do, it is innocent
Born of a mind
that's not to forget and smile at present

Christmas is here and will pass
With Epiphany my coal will come!
Monica Bergo
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