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A Tear from Here

Pop/Ballad • Lírico: Monica Bergo

A Tear from Here


autor Monica Bergo
PDF, 208.6 Kb ID: SM-000385869 data do carregamento: 15 abr 2020
Tipo de composição
For a single performer
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me

♫ * ´¨` * • .¸¸. ♫ A TEAR FROM HERE ♫ * ´¨` * • .¸¸. ♫

Sleep, rest, who knows where you are ...
Sleep, rest in my thoughts
while absence becomes reality
dream and reborn to a tear from here.

Inside my dream (I'm looking for you)
you never suffer (but where are you?)
and there is no need to mask anymore
While I'm waiting for (looking for you)
your presence (but where are you?)
write the word end to my pain

But what do you know what you did in my day
as time goes by
I can't breathe
but what do you know of that darkness that is now in me
and that silence that screams explodes inside me
of that sun gone by now
you stole his rays
and nothing can warm me if you're not there ...

Sad that day that separated us,
the cold voice that snatched from me
but in my dream there is another reality
we walk a tear from here ..
Monica Bergo
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