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The Flying Dutchman, WWV 63 • Die Frist ist um

Clássico/Arranjo • Titulo arternativo: Der Fliegede Holländer. Die Frist ist um

Für Stimme und Klavier

Título por Autor: The Flying Dutchman. Die Frist ist um, for Voice and Piano

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vendedor PlaceArt
PDF, 1.01 Mb ID: SM-000040096 data do carregamento: 08 out 2010
Piano, Voz
Composição para
Solo, Piano de Acompanhamento
Tipo de composição
Partitura piano-vocal
Dó (C) menor
Inglês, Alemão
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comments Molly Patterson 05 dez 2011 13:30

An outstanding opera. Makes my body’s molecules quaver at times. Wagner’s attempt to break the tradition in opera-writing is quite vivid here. When I tried the overture for the first time I couldn’t but envision the image of that vessel crossing the sea fighting with the storm. Despite the stated ‘advanced’ level of difficulty the playing turned out to be easier than I had expected.


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